2020 Testimonials

“This morning I had the pleasure of meeting FoXtress for a session.

I must admit I was very apprehensive as the FoXtress wanted a deposit, and I had recently been stung by a “lady” who called herself a Mistress, and having paid her deposit, she became a “no show”.

I arrived for my session and the FoXtress introduced Herself and immediately put me at ease. The session progressed as we had previously discussed, and it was everything I wanted it to be. I won’t go into details as we all have different needs. FoXtress certainly dealt with me as I’d liked and remembered what we had discussed, so I left in a contented sub space, and with my faith in the Ladies restored. I will most definitely be making another booking to see FoXtress again.

I would like to take the opportunity to once again thank FoXtress for a wonderful morning spent in Her company, and we did enjoy a laugh.”


“Pure filth! Loved it!.”

“This Mistress is wicked on webcam but even better in realtime”

“Great session with a true beauty x”

genuine babe, hope to cross paths soon x.”“Fantastic, gets better each time x.”

“Back for more, can’t keep away x.”

“Yet another delightful visit to FoXtress, and I absolutely was not disappointed. My first view was at the door where a smiling FoXtress invited me inside. After a brief talk to settle in. We went downstairs to begin. After a few hits to warm us both up and some inventive use of crayons, I found myself thoroughly bound, with FoXtress looming over me.

FoXtress then introduced me to Wax play, and it was amazing. Helplessly restrained, I was at the mercy, (or lack thereof) of FoXtress. Unable to see, I felt such a thrill as the flow switched from a steady dribble to sudden drops, in different areas with varying intensities. Seeming to find the perfect balance of pleasure and pain, I was tormented yet found this new experience most enjoyable under FoXtress’ steady hand.

I learnt that I should have been paying better attention earlier as We then played a memory game for the words I had drawn on me earlier. I failed miserably and had the marks to show for it. But eventually was able to remember the entire set, thanks to FoXtress’ excellent tuition and firm encouragement.

Finally finishing with FoXtress Teasing my restrained form, while Her mood shifted between naughty and nice, I was given time to wash and come back down from the cloud I was on. Hopefully I will be back soon for another sensational session with FoXtress, but for now I shall cherish the wonderful memories of this day.”

“My second visit to FoXtress after enjoying my first visit. FoXtress stepped things up a bit more. While blindfolded FoXtress and I step things up this time straight away, I was blindfolded and bent over with FoXtress using a small strap on before stepping things up to a big boy strap on all the time FoXtress was gentle even when She went fast it was nice and good after we finished with the strap on it was off to the shower room to finish with some watersports highly recommend FoXtress can’t wait for my next visit.”

“This was my first visit to a Domme and and can’t rate FoXtress enough. I was very nervous; straight away FoXtress put me at ease, and in my place. We had a chat about the session, straight away I was bent over and had FoXtress’ strap on inside me, we change positions into the sling and a bigger strap on then while I was blindfolded and completely in FoXtress’ safe hands.”

2019 Testimonials

“Pure filth! Loved it!.”

“This Mistress is wicked on webcam but even better in realtime”

“Great session with a true beauty x”

genuine babe, hope to cross paths soon x.”“Fantastic, gets better each time x.”

“Back for more, can’t keep away x.”

“After meeting the amazing FoXtress at The Facility in July, I really wanted to meet Her again in a more private and comfortable setting.

I applied for a two hour session in which I wanted to be, among other things introduced to strap on play (I came to the right place as FoXtress has lots of them, and all named !).

Since we had already met, I wasn’t too stressed out arriving but FoXtress still made sure that I had time to sit down, talk and freshen up a bit before we began the session proper. To warm me up, She locked me inside a bondage bag with a pair of handcuffs added as an extra security. As FoXtress kept telling me, I was fully at Her mercy and She kept teasing me with a vibrator through an opening in the bag, just long enough to make me feel great, but stopping at the perfect time as well to make things even more fun. After a little while of this, we moved on the strap on play. I quite enjoyed the feeling of being in the harness, waiting for whatever She was about to do to me. As had no experience whatsoever in that area, FoXtress started slow with smaller strapons. It was quite a strange feeling, unlike anything I had felt before but not unpleasant. Slowly, over the next hour or so, FoXtress moved up in sizes as I got used to the feeling. To be honest, I am now wondering what size She might have used in the end. I was so focused on what I was feeling that I never even looked. Eventually, something did happen. FoXtress pushed a bit farther and I don’t quite know what it was that I was feeling but it was definitively something powerful. FoXtress told me I leaked quite a bit at that point and that it was my first assgasmI can’t even describe what it felt like but it left me feeling completely drained and tired. But also feeling good at the same time, I feel like I stayed in subspace in my head for days after that happened.

We finished the session with a little bit of bondage to relax. At some point, FoXtress came and lied down next to me and we looked at each other in the eyes for a little while. When you think about it, it’s amazing how you can be in a situation like this, half naked and tied up and feel like you are completely safe. We finished the session with a little game when I tried to struggle and untie myself but after quite a lot of effort, I only got my toenails free and couldn’t manage anything more, which seemed to amuse FoXtress greatly.

I didn’t think I was that much into it in the past but bondage could be something fun to try more of in the future.

At the end, we relaxed and talked a bit before I left the playspace.

I’m glad I came to visit and will definitively be back !”

“I was told to enter and seconds later FoXtress was there waiting for me preparing to do a search on me.

I had asked in the questionnaire provided for a bit of a rough treatment and that was exactly it, but the disconnect from one minute being stressed, running around in London trying to find the place to being roughly handled by the warden was a lot to take in, and I honestly began to feel overwhelmed.

Thankfully, the wardens did instantly realize I was having a bit of a rough time and had me sit down to get myself together again. Even with that though, I was still having issues processing everything that was going on and couldn’t even remember my prisoner number for more than a few seconds or even remember each warden’s name.


After a while, warden FoXtress came to move me to a cell and she had me move around cuffed and blindfolded. This was a strange experience, and I was afraid to move into things. However, she told me that she had my back, and wouldn’t let that happen. I think that is the moment I started to truly relax and I finally started letting go a bit more. That is why I am glad I choose to come for a full 8 hours as my first time. A shorter time period might not have been enough to reach that level where I truly felt comfortable with everyone.  In that situation, you let your mind wonder, you always hope someone will come for you, to play with you a bit but you never know when it will be, which is a great part of the fun. You start hearing someone coming down the stairs, hoping that maybe this will be the time for you, that is such an amazing and pleasurable mental tease.


The rest of the day I was move around, locked in different places and I truly enjoyed it. FoXtress was the one who moved me the most I think during the day and She always had the right world and smile to make me feel comfortable and stress-free.

So many thanks to the kind FoXtress for telling how I was cute and I had pretty eyes, it made me SO happy).

Now that I know I will in good hands; I’m thinking of going with the flow with much fewer limits in the future.”

“FoXtress is the Tigger of the Domme world, full of young energy (and lip?!) willing to meet all needs large, or small, held or strapped, swing or bench. She is also the Goddess’s terroir snapping at the heals of any misbehaviour.’

‘What followed was hours of intense fun, with Goddess CleoThe FoXtressGoddess Anastaxia and Miss Hayley Bond all expressing their own styles, variations and techniques.

In short, a fantastic evening. It won’t be forgotten easily and I’ll definitely be back for more!”

“Fantastic as ever with an amazing smile”

“I would like to thank you for a amazing session today sorry I couldn’t last that long on the strap on, but your feet were amazing for me to worship. You were really respectful and caring about my limits and that means alot to me.”

“I Would just like to thank Foxy for an incredible session a few days ago she made me feel completely at ease straight away,one of the best sessions I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to come back for more Foxy. Thanks again :)”

“Lots of fun, she’s as funny as she is sexy which is right up my street! “

“OMG. What does this Mistress not do xx”

“Fun, lively interaction in preparation for meeting to play ;)”

“My advice to anyone considering attending one of these parties is to just go for it I’ve been on a break from sessions for sometime but when I saw the upcoming Strapon Party it felt like the ideal time to jump back in. I’d never been to an event like this before and wasn’t sure quite what to expect, but everyone was so welcoming and Goddess CleoThe FoXtressGoddess Anastaxia and Miss Hayley Bond were all amazing in their own unique way. Some of the most intense bumming I’ve ever had followed, with plenty of bum cums thrown in. The pace was never forced and there was plenty of opportunity to pause when it got too intense, before diving back in and doing it all over again Highly recommended to anyone but especially to newer people or people returning after a break. I’ll definitely be back for more.”

 “Standing naked with all the other “willing” victims, quivering with anticipation, I was waiting for my first Domina Party, “Beautifully Destroyed” to begin. Again I was wondering what on earth I was doing, effectively handing myself over to the tender mercies of not one, but five gorgeous Dommes – Goddess CleoMistress SandraMiss PetiteDomme Kylie and the FoXtress.

Any concerns were immediately dispelled as everyone introduced themselves and explained their likes and dislikes ranging from the mild to the extreme. There was a relaxed atmosphere in the room and a lot of laughter (mainly from the Dommes).

Games began with each Domme selecting a Sub and launching into an agreed activity. This went on for 3 hours with breath play, caning, CBT, spanking, Tease and Denial, feminisation, face slapping, collar and lead, and tickling all on display and all carefully controlled within each Sub’s agreed limits.

“I recently attended the Facility event hosted by FoXtress and Goddess Anastaxia.

I requested both humour and humiliation and the result was a wonderful mix of laughter and being scared at the same time.

FoXtress is naturally lively and funny and Goddess Anastaxia came across as being stern and strict so they complemented each other well. I really enjoyed the mock castration role play as they laughed and joked about how they were going to castrate me. I could see the funny side of it and even though I knew that were joking I couldn’t help feeling a bit scared.

Maybe it’s unusual but I really enjoyed the experience of having a laugh and at the same time being humiliated and scared of what they were discussing doing to me.
I like to thank them both for the experience”

“Pure filth! Loved it!.”

“This Mistress is wicked on webcam but even better in realtime”

“Great session with a true beauty x”

genuine babe, hope to cross paths soon x.”“Fantastic, gets better each time x.”

“Back for more, can’t keep away x.”

“I was introduced to the beautiful FoXtress by a mutual friend some while ago. We made initial contact through AW DirectCam a few times before I enquired if She would be available for a face to face session. We have now met on more than one occasion and continue to.

FoXtress is a bright, young, vibrant and sexy lady. Her bright orange hair is a statement that reflects her outgoing and extrovert personality. I prefer a dungeon setting and the last time we met to play was at the stunning Peacock Parlour in Camden Town. We had met before and FoXtress had already laid down the rules of initial engagement… Naked, facing the bed. Whilst FoXtress has many skills and talents she is expert at reading you and playing with your mind and body. Sensual, yet firm, we started with some flogging followed by some impact play with a range of implements chosen by FoXtress. I’m not going to give you the finer details of what followed but think rope, bondage, sensory deprivation as well as a range of anal play including strap-on. Your imagination will work the magic. We finished with a short time of unwinding from a good headspace before cleaning and tidying the venue.

Thank you FoXtress for another amazing time together. Here’s to the next one.”

“My first 1-on-1 session with the FoXtress and what fun it was!  I’d met this delightful young lady twice before at Domina parties so had a rough idea of what I might expect but my expectations were surpassed.  I like my sessions to be fairly light and conducted with humour – and I got that in spades … well, the FoXtress spent most of the time laughing at my yelping.  As a Domme, She is caring and protective, not stepping over agreed limits while still pushing boundaries.  Her empathy with the sub most likely comes being a true switch Herself.  What FoXtress can do with an electric toothbrush has to be experienced in person … pleasure and pain delivered in equal measures!”

“Dear Goddess Cleo and FoXtress

Thank you for an incredible tickling session today. I had an absolute blast. Seeing as it was only my second ever session, I definitely had newbie nerves going into it. But you guys instantly put me at ease and where incredibly welcoming. The tickling was a great mix of intense and sensual and you found spots that I didn’t know I had. And what devotion from the FoXtress, mercilessly tickling me despite an injured hand!(hope you recover soon). I really appreciated the deep chat before and after and the advice you guys gave me for kink and life in general. 

Thanks again for a wonderful session, hope to see you guys again soon!”

Mickey the Mouse 😉

“Good evening Foxy“Awesome session as always.”

“So hot, so kinky, loved every moment x”

Then there’s Duty Warden FoXtresswho instantly dialled in on my biggest insecurity and never let up for the entire day which made me so emotionally conflicted and uncomfortable but in the best way possible.”

“Fantatic session with a great lady x”

“The perfect person. Once bitten, forever lost and submissive. Sensual and soft. Intelligent. She is beyond reproach, no criticism can be made; perfect.”

“A very attractive lady, and fun too. Hope to see more of her soon”

“It was all so deceptively simple but also so powerful. In fact I find it hard to remember the experience or put it into words. All that comes to mind when I try to recall it is a sense of bliss, of release, of safety and ecstasy, and of perfect and delicious power exchange.

Everything melted away except FoXtress and Her voice. I will cherish the memory of looking up at Her from the floor for a very long time.

I will definitely be back to develop things more. I’m not sure when as work keeps me abroad for 80% of my time. Until then I will carry with me the memories of Her beautiful voice and of our blissful time together.”

“Just returned from my first “Beautifully Destroyed” party with our hostess with FoXtress.
Having met FoXtress at previous strap-on parties it was a long awaited first chance of play with each other. I can honestly say it was worth the wait, a true professional who pushes boundaries and takes you to new heights of your limits. 
As I’ve said a true professional who looks after your needs and makes sure you have a good time (it is a party after all). All while laughing that infectious laugh.”

“Oh my goodness, what an amazing session with the lovely FoXtress. I first met this beautiful lady on webcam and after a couple of online meetings I enquired if She would consider a face to face session. Following the formalities She accepted, deposit paid and dungeon space booked. We agreed an outline for the session; agreeing limits; likes and dislikes. The day of a session arrived. FoXtress is even more stunning in real life than on cam; She is self confident, bubbly, enthusiastic and full of life; She is a switch and so am I; although on this occasion She was the Domme and I was sub. I’m not going to give you the intimate details of all the activities we got up to but her understanding of the body’s responses is second to none; pushing to the edge; She is sensual yet firm. Suffice to say we had an amazing time together and time just flew by. Treat this beautiful lady with respect and you will have the time of your life.”


“Good evening Foxy“Awesome session as always.”

“So hot, so kinky, loved every moment x”

Then there’s Duty Warden FoXtresswho instantly dialled in on my biggest insecurity and never let up for the entire day which made me so emotionally conflicted and uncomfortable but in the best way possible.”

“Fantatic session with a great lady x”

“The perfect person. Once bitten, forever lost and submissive. Sensual and soft. Intelligent. She is beyond reproach, no criticism can be made; perfect.”

“A very attractive lady, and fun too. Hope to see more of her soon”

2018 Testimonials

“From the moment I first met the FoXtress at the tube station I knew it was going to be a fun session. She is hard to miss with her bright red hair and despite meeting for the first time it was very relaxed and comfortable.

The session itself was great fun with the FoXtress ruining me in the first bondage position with tickle torture. Unluckily for me we were only 15mins into a 90min session! She is really good at tickling with a good blend of psychological play thrown in for good measure. I made it through the 90 mins and despite being pushed hard I always felt like I was in safe hands.

To anyone considering a session (especially tickle torture) I would highly recommend The FoXtress. Great fun and a genuine kink enthusiast.

Best regards to all Mistresses and genuine kinksters out there.”

Jonny Tickle x

“My second session with FoXtress took things to a new level. After our initial chat to agree limits etc., I was put over the spanking bench and beaten with a combination of canes – thin, thick, wood, metal, the dreaded misery stick; flogged, slapped and whipped. I was spaced out very quickly. FoXtress is good at reading people’s reactions and so knows when to slow down, go harder and tease. She is so full of fun and ideas and very creative. I was beautifully marked everywhere, just how I like it.

Next up was to try out as many of FoXtress’ strapon dildos as possible, so into the sling I went for a thorough pounding. I was soon having one Assgasm after another, lost count, it was awesome and fantastic watching FoXtress gyrating and thrusting her hips as my ass took the increasingly larger dildos. Fortunately, we were using a dungeon so the world couldn’t hear my butt slut screams of pleasure and pleading to be fucked harder. After about 45 minutes we had both used up all our energy and decided to finish leaving plenty of time to come down and have a shower.

This had been another great session with FoXtress, there will be more and I really recommend that you contact her for a session.”

“Toaster didn’t deck it so a tad disappointed but fucking hell, she should be made illegal. SO GOOD! xx”

“So hot, so kinky, loved every moment x”

“FoXy is just wonderful, I always have great fun with her”

“this is one sexy and submissive lady treat her well”

“Wow – totally adore this lady and her mind, wit and eyes x”

“Thanks for the great session foxy! Very fun and sexy girl hope to see again x”

“This was my first full real time session with FoXtress, having had the pleasure of enduring her exquisite torture of me at several Domina Parties I decided to take the plunge and book a 2 hour session with just the 2 of us.

The venue FoXtress sessions in is a great space, the lighting is amazing as well as the equipment, FoXtress adds to the atmosphere with some incredible tone setting music in the background, with a mixture of excitement and trepidation about what was to occur the session began.

We discovered I was very much a masochist and FoXtress took full advantage of this new knowledge pushing me far further than ever before, sending me floating off into the most incredible subspace I have ever experienced. FoXtress skilfully kept me floating the entire session to where even 3 weeks later I cannot recall all the events of that day.

The amazing marks FoXtress left on me lasted up to 2 weeks and I loved watching them change colour and for the feelings to evolve and eventually disappear.
I was kept safe and well taken care of, never feeling anything but completely safe even as I was receiving a thorough caning, being supported and teased throughout making it the most amazing experience.

I will certainly be returning many more times to FoXtress and urge anyone wanting to explore their desires to contact FoXtress and do the same.
Thank you so much!”

Shaun (Spacecadet)

“My original idea was to try out a FoXtressSwitch Bitch” session so I took some new toys to test out both ways – well that was the plan. I decided to sub first and that was my downfall; FoXtress soon had me at her mercy and I never recovered enough to give her a taste of her own medicine, and I so wanted to!

Told to assume the position I was soon receiving the type of hard thrashing I love and crave. Canes, straps and belt were used skilfully and ruthlessly as FoXtress ran around me laughing at my reactions, teasing, prodding, poking, pin-wheeling me until I was floating away in a great rush. That’s just how She wanted me for phase two: strap-on time. Starting with the smallest dildo I was soon being beautifully but firmly fucked with her biggest dong and getting destroyed in the best way possible and ass-cumming several times. If you haven’t experienced that sensation, believe me, you need to.

And I was so looking forward to spanking her pert bum and giving Her some cane stripes to remember me by. But by the time She had finished screwing me I was a mumbling jumble of words with a stupid grin, off my face in subspace world. So we decided I was in no state to do any spanking, so of course I got thrashed some more for good measure. Next time I will top first, I think! (Revenge coming FoXtress!!)

So yes, I had a great time with FoXtress in a very nice play space. Prospective clients should be assured that She is skilful and knowledgeable and they will be safe in Her hands. FoXtress checks in with you before, during and after your session because your welfare is as important to Her as giving you a good time. Go for it!”


“Good evening Foxy“Awesome session as always.”

“So hot, so kinky, loved every moment x”

Then there’s Duty Warden FoXtresswho instantly dialled in on my biggest insecurity and never let up for the entire day which made me so emotionally conflicted and uncomfortable but in the best way possible.”

“Fantatic session with a great lady x”

“The perfect person. Once bitten, forever lost and submissive. Sensual and soft. Intelligent. She is beyond reproach, no criticism can be made; perfect.”

“A very attractive lady, and fun too. Hope to see more of her soon”

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