Socks, Feet, Sweat A Testimony

Socks, Feet, Sweat A Testimony

The following is a testimony from a long time sub

The first time I actually filmed with FoXtress (we’d met socially a couple of times before this and interacted a little bit online) in one of the first scenes she jokes, “yeah – I’ve seen you loving all my foot pics you perv”

But also that first day, for one scene she shoved her socks into my mouth and, I guess partially through a treat and partially through not wanting to take saliva covered socks home (ha) she sent me home with them and that also came part of a kinda running treat.

She learnt through my interests that… I love feet (and I especially love feet when it is someone I think is awesome like FoXtress) but that it’s not really possible for them to be too sweaty – which has also kinda evolved in things we do.

A later film day it was during one of those scorching heat wave days – which hey – is great for me so it made sense to do a little foot clip at the end you know, after they’ve got all warm and that.

But possibly one of the real treats… we had a film day where we couldn’t keep the running trend of her sending me home with socks (I mean, even some off-camera meetings I’ve ended up with her socks – and, of course, kissing and licking her feet after a very sweaty party was a boost) because someone had paid for 3 days wear from her.

OK, no problem – but he was totally happy for them to be used in the film day.

Holy fuck. This was amazing.
They were visibly minging from the worn in sweat and, yep, the scene where they’re sealed in a bag over my face – there is pure bliss from the aroma.”

Some ladies have trouble getting their feet or socks to smell; not FoXtress.  

It’s something that does often always make me smile – the last time we met; knowing she was travelling 2 hours by public transport to meet – she decided that wearing 2 pairs of socks on warm public transport was a good idea.

Spoiler alert : it was.

To get from where we were to where we are wasn’t a quick process.  We first met in 2018 and first filmed together in 2019 – but, certainly – I think if anyone contacted her (respectfully!) to buy socks or for a session involving sweaty feet… then, honestly.. you will not be disappointed. 

Now be a good little sub and clean my feet!

Kinky Luv

The FoXtress The Bitch of Kent (London on 48 hours notice)

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