All Testimonials are either from my cam sessions, real time sessions or  Domina parties I’ve had the pleasure of attending.


“OMG. What does this Mistress not do xx”

“Fantastic as ever with an amazing smile”

“Oh my goodness, what an amazing session with the lovely Foxtress. I first met this beautiful lady on webcam and after a couple of online meetings I enquired if she would consider a face to face session. Following the formalities she accepted, deposit paid and dungeon space booked. We agreed an outline for the session; agreeing limits; likes and dislikes. The day of a session arrived. Foxtress is even more stunning in real life than on cam; she is self confident, bubbly, enthusiastic and full of life; she is a switch and so am I; although on this occasion she was the Domme and I was sub. I’m not going to give you the intimate details of all the activities we got up to but her understanding of the body’s responses is second to none; pushing to the edge; she is sensual yet firm. Suffice to say we had an amazing time together and time just flew by. Treat this beautiful lady with respect and you will have the time of your life. Robert”

“Fun, lively interaction in preparation for meeting to play ;)”

“Wow amazing session so sexy so cute (I want her all to myself)”

“I Would just like to thank Foxy for an incredible session a few days ago she made me feel completely at ease straight away,one of the best sessions I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to come back for more Foxy. Thanks again :)”

“Good evening Foxy
I would like to thank you for a amazing session today sorry I couldn’t last that long on the strap on, but your feet were amazing for me to worship. You were really respectful and caring about my limits and that means alot to me.
Hope to see you again”


“From the moment I first met the Foxtress at the tube station I knew it was going to be a fun session. She is hard to miss with her bright red hair and despite meeting for the first time it was very relaxed and comfortable.

The session itself was great fun with the Foxtress ruining me in the first bondage position with tickle torture. Unluckily for me we were only 15mins into a 90min session! She is really good at tickling with a good blend of psychological play thrown in for good measure.

I made it through the 90 mins and despite being pushed hard I always felt like I was in safe hands.

To anyone considering a session (especially tickle torture) I would highly recommend The Foxtress. Great fun and a genuine kink enthusiast.

Best regards to all mistresses and genuine kinksters out there.

Jonny Tickle x”

“My second session with FoXy took things to a new level. After our initial chat to agree limits etc., I was put over the spanking bench and beaten with a combination of canes – thin, thick, wood, metal, the dreaded misery stick; flogged, slapped and whipped. I was spaced out very quickly. FoXy is good at reading people’s reactions and so knows when to slow down, go harder and tease. She is so full of fun and ideas and very creative. I was beautifully marked everywhere, just how I like it.

Next up was to try out as many of FoXy’s strapon dildos as possible, so into the sling I went for a thorough pounding. I was soon having one Assgasm after another, lost count, it was awesome and fantastic watching FoXy gyrating and thrusting her hips as my ass took the increasingly larger dildos. Fortunately, we were using a dungeon so the world couldn’t hear my butt slut screams of pleasure and pleading to be fucked harder. After about 45 minutes we had both used up all our energy and decided to finish leaving plenty of time to come down and have a shower.

This had been another great session with FoXy, there will be more and I really recommend that you contact her for a session.”

“This Mistress is wicked on webcam but even better in realtime”

“Pure filth! Loved it!.”

“Great session with a true beauty x”

“This was my first full real time session with FoXtress, having had the pleasure of enduring her exquisite torture of me at several Domina Parties I decided to take the plunge and book a 2 hour session with just the 2 of us.
The venue FoXtress sessions in is a great space, the lighting is amazing as well as the equipment, FoXtress adds to the atmosphere with some incredible tone setting music in the background, with a mixture of excitement and trepidation about what was to occur the session began.
We discovered I was very much a masochist and FoXtress took full advantage of this new knowledge pushing me far further than ever before, sending me floating off into the most incredible subspace I have ever experienced. FoXtress skilfully kept me floating the entire session to where even 3 weeks later I cannot recall all the events of that day.
The amazing marks FoXtress left on me lasted up to 2 weeks and I loved watching them change colour and for the feelings to evolve and eventually disappear.
I was kept safe and well taken care of, never feeling anything but completely safe even as I was receiving a thorough caning, being supported and teased throughout making it the most amazing experience.
I will certainly be returning many more times to FoXtress and urge anyone wanting to explore their desires to contact FoXtress and do the same.
Thank you so much!
Shaun (Spacecadet)”

genuine babe, hope to cross paths soon x.”“Fantastic, gets better each time x.”

“Back for more, can’t keep away x.”

“My original idea was to try out a FoXstress “Switch Bitch” session so I took some new toys to test out both ways – well that was the plan. I decided to sub first and that was my downfall; FoXy soon had me at her mercy and I never recovered enough to give her a taste of her own medicine, and I so wanted to!

Told to assume the position I was soon receiving the type of hard thrashing I love and crave. Canes, straps and belt were used skilfully and ruthlessly as FoXy ran around me laughing at my reactions, teasing, prodding, poking, pin-wheeling me until I was floating away in a great rush. That’s just how she wanted me for phase two: strap-on time. Starting with the smallest dildo I was soon being beautifully but firmly fucked with her biggest dong and getting destroyed in the best way possible and ass-coming several times. If you haven’t experienced that sensation, believe me, you need to.

And I was so looking forward to spanking her pert bum and giving her some cane stripes to remember me by. But by the time she had finished screwing me I was a mumbling jumble of words with a stupid grin, off my face in subspace world. So we decided I was in no state to do any spanking, so of course I got thrashed some more for good measure. Next time I will top first, I think! (Revenge coming FoXy!!)

So yes, I had a great time with FoXy in a very nice play space. Prospective clients should be assured that she is skilful and knowledgeable and they will be safe in her hands. FoXy checks in with you before, during and after your session because your welfare is as important to her as giving you a good time. Go for it!


“Foxy by Foxy by nature a one of the best subs I know on here pleasure to talk to and play with.”

“Good evening Foxy“Awesome session as always.”

I would like to thank you for a amazing session today sorry I couldn’t last that long on the strap on, but your feet were amazing for me to worship. You were really respectful and caring about my limits and that means alot to me.”

“Foxtress really made me pay for the fact that I had previously dominated her submissive alter ego. I was left in know doubt at all that Foxtress is in charge!”

“So hot, so kinky, loved every moment x”

Then there’s Duty Warden FoXtress who instantly dialled in on my biggest insecurity and never let up for the entire day which made me so emotionally conflicted and uncomfortable but in the best way possible.”

“Fantatic session with a great lady x”

“The perfect person. Once bitten, forever lost and submissive. Sensual and soft. Intelligent. She is beyond reproach, no criticism can be made; perfect.”

“A very attractive lady, and fun too. Hope to see more of her soon”

Next I had the pleasure of a couple of debutant strap on party goddesses – Ms Eva and Foxtress who were delightful, beautiful, charming and rather good at taking me up the bum with more assgasms, I lost count the number of. These two goddesses will make a fine addition to the strap on party cabal.”“On arrival I was greeted by the wonderful FoXtress who does a wonderful job of looking after us and calming newbies. Led into a changing room and told to strip (sorry for my untidy pile of clothes will try harder next time).  When the others arrived we were led into the playroom…..”“Artemis (Foxtress), goddess of the hunt, and there truly was no escape or safe place. Incredibly cheeky, whimsical and generally patient as she pushed me again and again, demonstrating just who was really in charge. “

“Toaster didn’t deck it so a tad disappointed but fucking hell, she should be made illegal. SO GOOD! xx”

“Lots of fun, she’s as funny as she is sexy which is right up my street! “

“FoXy is just wonderful, I always have great fun with her”

“this is one sexy and submissive lady treat her well”

“Wow – totally adore this lady and her mind, wit and eyes x”

“Thanks for the great session foxy! Very fun and sexy girl hope to see again x”

“A formidable quartet of wardens was in charge today – the boss, 
Goddess Cleo, plus Goddess AnastaxiaMs Tytania (Of Urban Chick Supremecy Cell fame) and Foxy the FoXtress.”“The whole thing just seemed so effortless throughout, but I’m sure that can only have happened because of the amount of thought, planning and sheer hard work that must have been put in beforehand. My thanks go to you all for an evening full of sweet memories, and when I say ‘all’, I of course mean FoXtress too, without whose hard work I suspect the party could never have happened – not to mention her own occasional interventions in the proceedings! I only hope that I was able to provide you all with some of the pleasures you gave to me.”

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