Session With Me!

My smile may get you or my svelte, tiny, feminine frame may draw you in. My advice is don’t be fooled by this ;).  My true passion is kink, BDSM, fetish, and I live it 24/7 – it’s a lifestyle that garners such great enjoyment and fulfilment for me.

Despite all this, newbies should not be put off.  On the contrary, I rather enjoy playing with novices just as much as I delight in sessioning with experienced players and pain sluts.  I understands the limits and boundaries of those I play with, and realises that not everyone is into pain.  Perhaps you’ll manage to bring out my nurturing, more sensual side – if you’re lucky!

Double & Triple Sessions Available With My Friends 

Goddess  Cleo 

When you enter the glamorous world of Domination you only ever hope to find someone who exceeds your expectations – a Dominant with the perception to know what you want, and the intuition to take you on a journey to exactly the right place.  Goddess Cleo is elegant, sensual and seductively strict.  She has a wide range of specialties and a creative mind with which to initiate a decadently, indulgent session, regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced player.

Predominantly a sensual, seductive Domina who loves to introduce newbies to the delights of the fetish world, don’t be fooled into believing Goddess Cleo doesn’t have a cruel, sadistic streak should she feel it appropriate to unleash upon you.  She’s adept at delivering the sharpest sting from a cane to leave your bottom welted and bruised.  Alternatively, for those of you who cannot be marked, she has perfected the art of caning without leaving any lasting, tell-tale blemishes.

Taking things to a whole new level, The Dream Team combination of Goddess Cleo and FoXtress deliver the ultimate in a Double session.  Why not spoil yourself and book these two delectable ladies for an experience you’ll never forget….

Miss Teena

A lifestyle slave for over 10 years, Miss Teena is available for double sessions.  She is a very sexual submissive who simply loves to please and is used to enduring what she is told.  Double-dom her with FoXtress, serve alongside her, or be the deviant switch that turns against her.